First meeting of the partner organizations of the cross-border “EstLatRus Traffic” project

On 19-21 June 2012 in Kraslava (Latvia) the first meeting of the partner organizations of the cross-border “EstLatRus Traffic” project will be held.

The aim of the meeting is to specify mutual responsibilities of the partners and to clarify calendar of the project activities.

The project is implemented by Latvian office of Euroregion “Country of Lakes” in collaboration with 13 partner organizations from Russian, Latvia and Estonia: NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov”, Administrations of Krasnogorodsk, Pskov, Pechory and Pytalovo Municipal Districts, Rezekne City Council, Administrations of Karsava, Kraslava, Preili, Ludza and Vilane Municipal Districts of Latvia, Governments of Tartu and Voru of Estonia.

The overall objective of the ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC is to increase the sustainability, capacity, accessibility and competitiveness of the transport systems in Estonian-Latvian-Russian border region, to improve the visual potential of the traffic safety and to develop information infrastructure of the traffic. To achieve this the project envisages to mobilize a significant volume of different cross-border resources.

The main component of the project is so called “investment” part. It’s aimed at the improvement of the road and traffic infrastructure in 12 settlements of Estonia, Latvia and Russia: renovation of the road and pedestrian routes, installation of road signs, information and welcome boards, equipping of restoration areas, parking zones and bus stops etc. The project also plans to create 6 traffic ediucational parks in Karsava, Rezekne, Pskov, Krasnogorodsk, Pytalovo and Voru.

The project will continue for 2 years, from May 2012 to April 2014.

The project is financed by the “Estonia-Latvia-Russia” ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013. The project total budget is around 1,87 mln EUR; the Programme co-financing (grant) 1,69 mln EUR. The other part of the budget in the amount of 187 thousand EUR is the project partners own  co-financing.