By the Day of Ecologists in Dedovichi Town (Pskov Region) environmental action “Clean City” had been performed

Dedovichi Youth Center and NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov” completed the works on the implementation of environmental action “Clean City” on the beach in Dedovichi Town (Pskov Region), the only place of recreation for residents of the town near the Dedovichi water storage basin. The action was completed by the International Day of Ecologist, which is celebrated annually on June 5.

The action was held in several stages. In the first phase, which was attended by about 30 volunteers from Dedovichi Town, four areas for recreation of citizens were cleared: the debris was removed and overgrown shrubs were cut down. In the next phase some improvement works on these sites were carried out: to add sand, to install 4 cabins for changing, to develop 2 play grounds – a beach volleyball court and children’s recreation area. Thanks to the action Dedovichi residents got several equipped places for their recreation near the water storage basin.

The action took place with the financial support of the State Committee for Nature of Pskov Region within the earmarked program “A Complex of Measures for Environmental Protection in the Territory of Pskov region for 2012-2014.”

The “Clean City” campaign was firstly supported by the State Committee for Nature in 2011 as part of the environmental support measures in 2011. During the campaign in 2012 on the territory of nature protected area “Snetogorsko-Murovitsky” and in the vicinity of settlements Murovitsy of Piskovichy Parish and Kusva of Zavelichensky Parish two container platforms were equipped to collect waste. That action was carried out by the administrations of the above-mentioned districts, LLC “SpetsTransKom” and NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov”.

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